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Classified Ads Inc

Classified Ads Inc

Hey Guys and Gals and welcome to Classified Ads Inc.

We created this platform as a sort of premium site where advertisers, sellers and buyers alike can post their adverts or just general products, whether it’s a new product or secondhand product or even if you want to activate bidding on a product you can do so.

As you can see the free version is a bit limited, however this is a premium site and we want to try keep the spammers away so this is why it was created this way. It however does not mean because you pay you can do what you like. At Classifieds Ads Inc we take spamming and bad behaviour just as serious as any other site, so please adhere to the very simple rules.

Classified Ads Inc wants to create a fun yet down to business site for all its users and we hope you enjoy the site. if you feel we can do a bit better on things please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact us page provided and we will do our utmost to support your requests.

Furthermore more take advantage of this site to its full potential with video integration, yes you can post your youtube videos here for more exposure, we look forward to growing this site into something and special with you at our side.

Watch our blog posts or the site for upcoming activities such as 100% off vouchers, upcoming such as google play integration as well as free ebooks etc that will all be coming soon.

Thanks the Classified Ads Inc team.

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