Refund And Return Policy For Classified Ads Inc

Due to the instantaneous nature of placing an ad online, Classified Ads Inc does not offer refunds on advertising and classified ad fees. Once an ad is posted, the advertisement will immediately be exposed to our Members in an ongoing, 24/7 fashion, to the entirety of the package purchased. We can’t guarantee that the ads placed will be successful.

We have the following policy with respect to requests for refunds of listing fees:

  • We will not provide a refund, for any reason, once the advertisement has been published. Advertisements cancelled prior to publishing will be refunded in full.

  • Due to the type of advertising sold online, no prorated refunds will be made for any ad cancelled following the first publication.

  • Advertising should be checked carefully for errors by the advertiser before pushing the button – Publish – for your first day of publication.

  • Because our Advertising is self-service, no typographical mistakes by the advertiser will be considered for adjustment and no credit is made for errors that do not materially affect the value of the advertisement. It is important to check the Ad for mistakes before publishing, however, it is easy to correct any typo through our Edit function key.

  • Approved refunds for credit card transactions will be made as credits to the account used in the initial transaction.

Classified Ads inc reserves the right to edit, classify, reject or cancel any portion or all advertising as determined in Classified Ads Inc’s sole discretion. Any advertising language that does not comply with Federal, State or local laws including, without limitation, those regarding the prohibition of discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodation will be rejected.

Before purchasing any of our packages, we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy as well as Terms and conditions.  No ads will be approved if it breaches any of the guidelines stated in the above policies.  By placing an ad, you the user agree that you have read these policies and accept that there will be no refund provided, if any of these rules are breached.  In the event you take a package for 5 ads for example, and 1 ad is in breach, the other 4 will be published should they not breach protocols.

This is a Classified ads Site as well, so should you be posting FREE or PAID ads and connect with other users to buy a product, we cannot and will not be held liable for any damage or loss.  We will not hand out user information either should you suffer any loss or damage, unless stipulated by a court of law.

As stated you may link to 3rd party sites and purchase a product, this is at your own due diligence, and we will not be held liable.

Furthermore, please do your own due diligence, keep yourself and information safe.

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